Country Custom Cabins is a Structural Insulated Panel locally owned homebuilder operating primarily in the North Texas and Southern Oklahoma region. We keep a large stock of prefabricated panels in our warehouse, so your project can start immediately! You may choose from a variety of floor plans or we can customize a floor plan for you.  Whether you have a pier and beam foundation or slab foundation, we can build on either.  Maybe your foundation hasn’t been set yet. That’s okay; we can do that for you too. Our name is Country Custom Cabins because you have options.  Do you want a steel roof, white siding and green trim?  No problem.  Do you want log siding with a pine interior? We got it.  Interior, exterior, doors, windows, kitchen and bath sinks, showers, toilets, floors and fixtures – it’s your choice.

Advantages SIPs have over the standard stick-and-fiberglass approach to putting up buildings:

  • Materials are all included. Instead of a separate pieces of framing, insulation and sheathing, a SIP panel has all of these parts and comes ready to install. Panels can be ordered from the factory with doors, windows, rakes and blocking precut and assembled.
  • A SIP building is virtually airtight, giving the occupants more control over the interior environment. With the costs of heating fuels rising, this becomes more important.
  • A SIP shell can be built fast! It takes 1/3 the time to build a SIP building than a conventional one.
  • SIP’s ability to resist nature are impressive! The 1993 Kobe, Japan earthquake destroyed structures for miles but SIP buildings were left undamaged. Hurricanes in the southeastern United States have destroyed large areas but SIP houses remain unscathed. Tornadoes in Georgia showed only superficial damage to a SIP home in the center of the destruction.
  • SIPs are environmentally friendly. Facings are made from renewable, farm grown trees and none of the components contribute to degrading the environment. Since they consume less heating and cooling energy, they help to reduce pollution.

Let’s get your Structural Insulated Panel building project started!

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